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Modern Zoning and Feasibility Reports

Edgewater Miami Zoning and Feasibility Report Example

Are you Purchasing, Selling, or Developing Real Estate?  

We quickly and accurately conduct Zoning and Feasibility analysis and provide reports with high-quality visualizations and floor by floor metrics based on conceptual floor plans. Our reporting allows you to make data-based decisions that are exceptionally helpful for project development and negotiations.


We design and analyze:

- Multiple programmatic scenarios for each property or assemblage
- Assemblage opportunities to find the right development scenario 
- Unique waivers and design options to maximize the sites potential

To provide you:

- Floor by floor metrics for each scenario 
- Gross and net leasable square footages 
- High-quality visualizations with written summaries

So you can

- Make well-informed decisions
- Identify opportunities with above-market returns to maximize your ROI
- Confidently buy, sell, or develop real estate

Diagram Rendering including multiple buildings, streets, the Miami River, and Metrorail elevated train track. There are labels with various square footage amounts of the different levels of the building

What is the Highest and Best Use? 

33 NE 6th Street-Comparison Chart

Analyze Different Programmatic Uses

Maximizing your ROI is a balance of many factors, including the utilization of available FAR, density, program options, market factors, and constructability. We can work with your vision as well as present additional creative solutions for you to compare side-by-side to make data driven decisions in a fraction of the time and price.

What are the Assemblage Benefits?

Evaluate Assemblage Options 

Zoning Feasibility Report Assemblage Option Miami Archiecture Design
Feasibility Report Assemblage Option Miami Zoning Study Architecture

We can study any number of assemblage opportunities to determine the best development options, and unlock the property's highest and best use, bringing you the best returns. By knowing what properties are capable of producing on their own, and together, it allows you to make data-based decisions and is extremely helpful in planning and negotiations. 

Subject Property  

Attainable FAR: 9.9
Attainable SF: 141,400 SF

Neighboring Property 

Attainable FAR: 8.8
Attainable SF: 115,920 SF

This corner property is small but capable of achieving all available unit density and a considerable amount of SF relative to its footprint, with various scenarios. This site allows for up to 141,400 SF of development. 

The neighboring property neighboring the subject property allows for only a 27’ x 100’ floor plate above the eighth level by right, which may be possible to increase through waivers, but is still a tight site to develop on its own.

Feasibility Report Assemblage Option Miami Archiecture Design

Assemblage Opportunity

Attainable FAR: 12.0
Attainable SF: 326,612 SF

If developed together, an additional 5,809 SF is attainable on the ninth through twentieth levels, for a combined benefit of 69,262 SF, along with larger podium floor plates, the development potential greatly increases. 

Quickly Transition from Feasibility to Design & Production

From Massing Model to Architecture and Urban Design

Our Zoning and Feasibility Analysis allow you to weigh programmatic and site assemblage options side by side with presentation-quality materials to be able to choose the solution that works best for your investment criteria for Future Vision Studios to then refine with full Architectural Design and Production Documents.  

Option 1

Option 2

Development Potential Zoning Feasibility Report Miami
Development Potential Zoning Feasibility Report Miami

Option 3

Development Potential Zoning Feasibility Report Miami

Option 4

Development Potential Zoning Feasibility Report Miami

Architectural Design Refinement of chosen Option 4

Arcitecture Design Future Vision Studios Miami
Arcitectural Design Future Vision Studios Miami

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