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Feasibility & Zoning Analysis

From a strong understanding of the zoning code, building practices, and market forces we can work through numerous creative concepts for a single site, as well as identify assemblage opportunities to find the Highest and Best use for a site or sites.


In a bid for density, sustainability, and affordability we will generate design concepts and can recommend variances, allowances and floor plan options to generate a fresh concept that will be well received by tenants or buyers. This process will allow you to find the right site more quickly, and work through design options more easily, before moving to the next phase of the acquisition or development process.

Architectural Design

We approach each project with a perspective that relies on detailed research of the specific environment, program, and requirements, which leads to a series of appropriate decisions. This organic process creates a unique, handcrafted result.

Our expertise in the development of projects with the big picture in mind, as well as a keen eye for details has resulted in the design of 50+ Projects across many categories, including Single Family Residences, Multi-Family, Hospitality, Office, Transit Oriented Development, Mixed-Use, Urban Planning, and Infrastructural. With enthusiasm and professionalism, we will move projects forward on schedule working with each discipline to establish a balance between artistry and economics, to create bold projects that are both beautiful and functional.

Future Vision Studios Wynwood Norte Multi-Family Large Balcnoies Sustainable Green Archite

We understand the details, as well as the big picture of how a neighborhood and city operates, which allows us to design sustainable and thriving urban spaces that enhance the quality of life. From the renovation of a large shopping center to a new town square, or an entirely new neighborhood from scratch, we can develop plans that will integrate into the existing context and focus on enriching the lives of the community.


Integrated landscaping plans are as important to flora and fauna biodiversity as they are for humans. We deliver projects with innovative material selection, detailed site-specific solutions, and even living infrastructure that can utilize resources efficiently or even prevent flooding. From an intimate private garden to a greenway connecting neighborhoods, our projects address today's demanding environmental needs with creative solutions.

3D model of a neighborhood on the waterfront

Mobility Planning

From updating zoning codes that encourage shared parking, designing new transportation corridors, to conducting neighborhood analysis for mobility optimization, we can generate reports and recommendations for more effective mobility and improve the public realm.

The overlap from our work in designing urban plans and a thorough understanding of zoning codes and the future potential of an area leads to well informed multi-faceted mobility plans.  

Resilience Adaptation & Mitigation

Miami has the highest value of Real Estate assets at risk from Seal Level Rise in the world. We are considered ground zero for both feeling the effects as well as creating and implementing the solutions. We believe in a multi-faceted approach to hardening our city from the effects of Climate Change, which need to occur on a project basis, as well as on the larger scale across neighborhoods, as well as the entire South Florida region as a whole. Adapting existing buildings, infrastructure, and creating new projects that take Climate Change into account have proven to be more valuable than those assets that do not.

From writing new code suggestions, designing architecture that will adapt to changing sea levels, to creating large-scale urban plans for flood water mitigation, we are in a new era that demands awareness and visionary planning for the future.

Neighborhood Analysis

Proper planning, research, and data visualization is the key to making informed decisions that lead to exceptional results. We undertake in-depth research and analysis of existing data, policy, and create rigorous studies that vary depending on the project type. 


To the right is a visualization from interactive map technology that includes information with the Edgewater Neighborhood turned on. The data includes sold properties over the last three years, listed for sale properties, notable market drivers, as well as future development projects. There are additional layers not shown that were used to inform clients of opportunities within the area. This simple and streamlined technology adds immense value for our clients. We apply this same rigor of research based on the needs of each project.

Through our experience and relationships, we can identify opportunities for investment across Commercial and Residential real estate. We believe that by leveraging data and identifying opportunistic markets results in large returns on real estate value.


By studying demographics, market trends, existing and planned developments, and future transit corridors, we can discover the value in a neighborhood and exact property beyond what is readily visible. We can assemble properties to create an ideal development site, or group of covered land to create a critical mass and increase the value for a neighborhood. In today’s highly competitive global environment where buyers and tenants can shop and compare properties with ease, it takes passion and imagination to identify and determine an assets underlying value.


By thoroughly studying the market trends we can correctly value your real estate assets value to maximize your return and limit the time to a successful sale, for both listed and off-market opportunities. With superior customer service, we will work with you to achieve your goals.


Our extensive client list allows us to pinpoint the best buyers for your asset and close a deal quickly. We utilize in-depth printed and digital Offering Memorandums, professional video with drone footage, customized website landing pages, on-property signage, mailed flyers, and all available online listing services to reach a wide audience with a detailed and focused marketing campaign.

Aerial photo with text showing the streets and a dashed line border on the subject property in Allapattah Miami.
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