NE 19th Street Comparison

NE 18th Street Comparison

NE 17th Terrace Comparison

The result of these modifications will allow Biscayne Boulevard to function as an essential north to the south corridor, and as the main street for the neighborhood, to support a high mobility index, to move vehicles and pedestrians of all ages safely, reduce the heat island effect, and build a more resilient community. 

This proposal was created to reimagine the capabilities of this great street. If you have comments, suggestions, or would like to show your support for this project, please fill out the information below:

Special thanks to our project team:

Aaron DeMayo

Ciara Elysse Dallas

Joseph Dever

Kyle Dost



Antony Keane

Azeez Bakare – Azeez Bakare Studios

Golden Dusk Photography

Jason Lisiewski

Nathalie Fernandez


Video Production:

Victor Quintana – Guava Cay Media



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