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Project Main Street Plaza

Type Mixed-Use Planning and Renovation

Program Existing Cinema Renovation, new commercial space, new plaza design, new apartment tower
Location 1991 Main Street, Sarasota, FL 34236

Status Conceptual


Main Street Plaza combines renovation and new construction to integrate an existing movie theater complex into a vibrant Town Center plan. We created simple massing diagrams as a visualization tool while working with our client who is a developer, to test different programmatic types and design plans. Three of the design concepts are shown above.

The broad sidewalks of Downtown Sarasota are fused into the project to integrate the new retail spaces into the city and enhanced by adding public seating and large trees and palms in planters. The new housing at the west side of the complex makes the project a full live-work-play environment. The eight-story apartments are arranged around a landscaped courtyard with pools and recreation facilities. The newly enhanced arrival in front of the South entrance provides a dramatic entry from Main Street into the project. This project was created as an Architectural Designer with Modis Architects.

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