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Project Parc Place 

Type Mixed-Use

Program 20,160 SF Commercial, 433 Apartments, 786 Parking Spaces
Location 1740 S Young Circle, Hollywood Florida 33020 

Size 980,000 SF 

Status Zoning Approved


Parc Place is a transformative project for the City of Hollywood. The site occupies a majority of the Block 58 on the South Eastern corner below Young Circle Arts Park.


The landmark Bread Building which has long sat empty will be significantly renovated and transformed into a new residential tower for the project. The existing Bread Building Garage will also be renovated and added to with additional parking spaces, as well as a new residential tower on its Eastern Side. In between these two towers will be a lush roof deck with large lap pool, multiple private seating areas, BBQ area, and entertainment areas. 


The signature twenty-six story residential tower matches the curve of the park and will have units with fantastic views in all directions. The lower levels will 22 Artist Loft units. The ground floor will have multiple lobbies for the towers as well as significant commercial space to help activate the streetscape. 


There is a double-sided band of parking currently on the site that often leads to traffic delays as people try to find spots. This band of parking along with the multiple lanes of traffic around the circle creates a vast distance between pedestrians and the park. We proposed to swap this parking are to be within the project and to create a large public plaza with large trees, fountains and lots of foliage as well.  This option would be safer for pedestrians and vehicles, as well as act as an extension of the park fronting the new tower. 


Also shown in the images above is a previous conceptual plan that removes the Bread Building and creates a podium with three separate towers. This project was created as an Architectural Designer with Modis Architects. 

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