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Brickell Mobility - Peanut Roundabout

As Brickell continues to densify with Millions of square feet of office, hotel, commercial, and residential under construction and development, additional public transit and micro-mobility options via urban design infrastructure will be critical to keep the movement of people and goods and enhance the car-optional lifestyle. This project applies proven road design concepts allowing for safe, sustainable, and efficient movement of all road users will move us toward numerous stated policy goals and increased economic resilience.

Aerial Photo from Google looking north east toward Brickell and Downtown Miami neighborhoods, with specific streets highlighted that lead to the peanut intersection.
Satellite Map image, with highlighted areas showing the limited access points into and out of Brickell neighborhood.
Satellite image highlighting the specific locations where there are bike lanes into and within Brickell neighborhood.
Diagram map showing the locations of existing medians and roundabouts.
Three aerial images showing vehicles making illegal left turns across double yellow lines.
Two aerial photos showing vehicles making illegal u-turns across double yellow lines and within intersection.
Two aerial photos showing vehicles making illegal u-turns in intersections.
Two aerial images showing vehicles speeding through the curve and crossing the lanes due to speed.
Three aerial photos showing vehicles entering into the bike lane due to speed.
Two aerial photos showing the lenghy back-up of traffic at an intersection that does not have a dedicated left turn lane.
Aerial photograph shoing vehicles attempting to make a left turn which clogs the intersection.
Two aerial photos showing vehicles shifting lanes to move into the open lane as vehicles wait to make left turns across the intersection.
Cover images and select interior pages of FDOT Road Diet Informational Guide and Lane Repurposing Guidebook.
Select information from FDOT and US DOT HOW about Corridor Access Management.
FDOT and US DOT FHA information on the safety benefits of dedicated left turn lanes.
FDOT and US DOT information about the evaluation of safety and mobility of two-lane roundabouts.
Aerial photo of the intersection that is proposed to be adjusted.
Aerial Image with sketch on top showing the proposed peanut roundabout design.
Sketch of the Peanut Roundabout intersection design.

Example of Peanut Roundabout in Coconut Grove Miami

Image of the provided FDOT diagrams of the FDOT proposed design.
Analysis of the FDOT roundabout design.
Aerial photo and text showing the response from FDOT.
Comparison text and images of the FDOT design and the peanut roundabout proposal.

Do you want a safe & efficient solution like a Peanut Roundabout in this location? 

Attend the public information meeting hosted by FDOT on October 11th at 6:30 PM, either virtually or in person. Make a comment. 

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