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Community Scale Environmental Awareness & Tracking Leads to Resilient Planning

The cities that thrive in the twenty-first century are where people most accurately perceive their environment and successfully adapt to it.

Patterns are found throughout nature, some are visually apparent, and others can be found over cycles following the lunar or a calendar year. Tools like ISeeChange create and enable citizen scientists to track, share, and learn about consistencies and variations occurring within their communities. The new data points being made in real-time, and the references to historical norms, provides an opportunity to understand the changes happening and co-design infrastructure solutions with municipalities more holistically and comprehensively. As data is filled in over years patterns emerge, we are finding that tidal predictions by NOAA at Virginia Key are consistently less than actual tidal heights due to sea level rise and that tidal predictions do not account for actual weather and current conditions.

Read more about how the ISeeChange Application is tracking flooding changes in Miami, Florida in my most recent article:

A residential street is completely flooded while a large pickup truck drives through creating waves that crash into parked cars and buildings
NE 23rd Street, Edgewater Miami Florida, November 5th 2021


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