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Climate Resilience with Win-Win Solutions

Updated: Mar 8

Last week, I spoke with Matt Wasielewski from Bisnow about Miami's climate resilience journey. As the elected 2024 Chair of the City of Miami Climate Resilience Committee, I aim to find win-win solutions for our community's challenges. Have an idea? Reach out to me.

The cities that take an honest look at the predictions for the future and then proactively, comprehensively, and boldly look to address them are the places that will have the most favorable impacts. We should look to make the best decisions we can with a long time horizon. We must use our limited resources as efficiently and effectively as possible. We should look at what private properties can do to help protect themselves, and that may have benefits to the community, and look to public space projects that create multiple benefits.

Adding new requirements that address future climate conditions would possibly work more quickly, but there may be pushback to new policies being passed, or to then build projects, if that increases costs too far. However, thse costs of bad decisions and planning will still cost money, but for the investors and future generations. Developing buildings that acknowledge climate projections is essential to avoid burdening investors and future generations with unnecessary responsibilities. Incentivizing planning for climate resilience through the zoning code can create a win-win solution. Good planning is good for business.


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