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What does the future miami look like?

You are invited! Please accept this invitation to join us for an exciting discussion between local environmental leaders of multi-disciplinary background from designers, architects, artists, reporters, and founders! The topic of this engagement will be around the topics, challenges, and opportunities of climate change, and how experts see the future of Miami.

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Panelist Bios:

Linda Cheung:

Linda Cheung is an artist and environmental nonprofit leader based in Miami, Florida. She founded the nonprofit Before It’s Too Late (BITL) to use art and tech to educate and inspire people to build a more sustainable world together. BITL’s programs include augmented reality murals and the Earth Week Challenge - a one week challenge to practice sustainability taken by 14,000 school kids from over 100 schools across South Florida. She holds an MBA degree from MIT Sloan and B.S. Economics degree from Wharton. Her question to you is: Can we change hearts, minds, and actions #beforeitstoolate?

Mario Ariza: Mario Alejandro Ariza is an investigative reporter and a Dominican immigrant. You can find his byline in places like the South Florida Sun Sentinel, The New Republic, and The Atlantic. He wrote a book called Disposable City: Miami’s Future on the Shores of Climate Catastrophe, which was published by Bold Type Books. His essays have been featured in The Believer and selected for Best American Essays. He lives in South Florida with two cats, a dog, and a sturdy pair of waterproof boots.

Aaron Demayo: Aaron is a multi-disciplinary designer integrating natural solutions within the built environment to create a circular economy and a sustainable coexistence of humans with Planet Earth. We can create an interconnected society that works with biological systems for a more healthy, enjoyable, and prosperous world through resourcefulness, imagination, and ingenuity. Born and raised in Miami, Florida, Aaron has seen the city transform into a bustling Subtropical Metropolis. His experience in architectural design, urban planning, mobility engineering, acquisitions, dispositions, and development forms a holistic understanding of a city’s complex processes that allow him to work across various scales. We must keep both the smallest details and the big picture in focus when creating the world for future generations, from the streetscapes to skylines.


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