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Project Biscayne Beach Condo Interior Design

Type Condominium Redesign

Program Two bedrooms, 2.5 Bath
Location 2900 NE 7th Ave, Miami, FL 33137

Size 1,279 AC SF + 166 Terrace SF

Status Floor Plan Redesign + Interior Design


Biscayne Beach is a Bay Front 51 Story luxury condominium in Edgewater comprised of 399, one to four bedroom units, and large penthouses. 

The units have unique layouts, many feature long kitchens along one wall without a traditional kitchen island. This layout the culmination of years of a desired "open floor plan," however, in this case, seems to have missed the mark. 


We were asked to design furniture layouts to make the existing design usable. Additionally, we provided an additional option to reorganize the kitchen layout.  We kept the renovations to a minimum by keeping the sink in either the same or relatively the same position so that major plumbing work would not need to be done.  The stove is repositioned along the rear wall and the Refrigerator anchors the edge of an extended kitchen. We then placed an island across from this to create a traditional and usable kitchen. There is not much room in this apartment for a full-size dining table, so we placed elegant high top chairs along the island counter. 


An additional large closet is created facing the front hallway, or this could also be a small workspace with hideaway doors. 


Although many of the 04 line units were on both the rental and for sale market, none have been resold. We believe the carrying costs on these units will eventually be too impactful, and owners will need to make renovations similar to those suggested above, or the units will be resold at a significant loss, and investors will make the necessary changes to the units. 


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