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Project Grove One Plaza

Type Mixed-Use, Transit Oriented Development

Program Retail, Metro Rail Parking, Apartments, Parks
Location 2780 SW 27th Cout, Miami, FL 33133

Status Conceptual


Grove One Plaza is a Transit Oriented Development Conceptual Design for the underutilized Coconut Grove Metrorail Station. The property is currently an on-grade parking lot with a large unused plaza to the East. The spaces fill up quickly for people riding for the most part north, into Downtown and Civic Center stations.


The RFP is for a 99-year ground lease and required that at least the amount of spaces currently on the property are replaced for Metro-Rail users. Additionally, there are five large bus berths next to the station that needs to remain. We created a large civic plaza directly outside of the Metrorail station entry and exit points. Large trees surround the space along with four ponds that will reduce the heat island effect and have fountains. The Metrorail station is also updated with new screen walls surround the station that acts for both security and as artwork.


Two large laws stretch from 27th Avenue to the large circulation cores for the west building. The Western building includes ground floor retail, 180 dedicated metro-rail parking spaces with a convenient private elevator for easy access, six levels of parking for retail and residents of the west building, 120,000 SF of big box retail, and liner apartments on the north which faces a T-5 zoned area.


The east building has retail on the eastern side facing 27th Avenue, an enclosed parking garage for the units in the tower, and a large amenity deck above the garage. The west, north, and east of the tower include liner units that create a more inviting project with occupied space going from roof to the ground. The various programs of this large project created many areas that needed to be studied and refined, for this scheme we presented the design with cut-away floor plan views to be more clearly understand the project. This project was created as an Architectural Designer with Modis Architects.

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