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Project LeJeune Palms

Type Mixed-Use

Program 173 Apartments, 127 Hotel rooms, 14,000 SF Commercial
Location 4250 NW 7th Street, Miami, FL 33127

Status Schematic 


Le Jeune Palms is a mixed-use project, covering nearly entire block along the prominent corner of NW 7th Street and S Le Jeune Road. The projects form was chosen because of the size of the project, the desired programs, and the site's zoning.


A paseo is strategically placed to create a large buffer between our east residential building and the property line, ensuring space between our residential units and the possibility of future development. We also widened the Paseo to create a pleasant pedestrian experience, which is bordered to the north by 60' of the commercial storefront, and to the south leads to the hotel lobby. 


The hotel is a stand-alone building on the southeast of the site, which besides deeded parking spaces could then operate completely independently. The hotel has a private arrival area with a covered drop off that leads to a hotel lobby, then a lounge with bar, and then to a restaurant. The hotel also has significant exposure to passing vehicles along Le Jeune, which runs straight to the Airport. A private gym and a luxurious pool deck are on the fifth floor. 


The western portion of the property is mostly zoned T6-8 and also has a portion of T5 which dictates the massing of the project. The two main residential towers to the North frame a large midblock plaza that will be bordered by cafes. A convenient pass-through leads to commercial parking on the ground floor. The second and third floors have liner units. The fifth floor provides a massive amenity space with a large pool, spacious gym, multiple private seating areas, cabanas, an astroturf play lawn, and a running track which encircles it. The fourth through eighth floors have repeating floor plans with efficiently designed one and two bedroom units. 


On NW 6th Street the project is also lined with three stories of units which face single-family homes across NW 6th Street. To minimize the scale of the project, the facade was designed to appear to be a series of three-story townhomes. The ground floor units each have private staircases that lead from porches to the sidewalk. Even though there are three levels of separate units, this reduces the impact of the scale of the building on the community. 


Despite the size, there are only two car entry points, the hotel drop off a single vehicle wide on the South East, and the main parking entrance and exit to the Wes. By designing with the community in mind and creating a multitude of public spaces for the general public as well as residents throughout the property this is sure to be a benefit to the neighborhood.

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