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Project MiMo Commons

Type Mixed-Use

Program 6,000 SF Commercial & 20 Residential Units
Location 7101 Biscayne Boulevard, Miami, FL 33138

Size 27,000 SF 

Status Conceptual, Land for sale with plans 


MiMo Commons is located in the center of the Miami Modern Historical District, an area of Miami known for its hip motels, and restored commercial buildings. The MiMo District runs along Biscayne Boulevard between NE 50th to NE 77th streets. The Boulevard is the main thoroughfare connecting many neighborhoods that are directly on Biscayne Bay.


This iconic site is well known for the beautiful two-story historic structure located on the North, which has been isolated behind bars fences.  A simple renovation with new lighting and landscaping on the outside can bring the building back to its former glory. 


71st Street is a greenway and one of two streets with a wide tree-lined center median in the neighborhood, both of which lead to Baywood Park on Biscayne Bay. 71st Street is blocked to vehicle traffic directly behind the MiMo Commons properties, with only pedestrian entry permissible via a sidewalk. 


We designed a three story mixed-use building in the MiMo style with ground floor retail and apartments above. By vacating the dead-end street, and moving the properties curb cut to the South, the right of way becomes a plaza that can have landscaping and seating serving food from the adjacent cafe. By closing 71st Street East of Biscayne to vehicles and adding sidewalk with matching Shade Trees, we also shorten the once long unshaded walk that previously bisected the property. This enhances the safety for pedestrians. This new plaza will become a welcoming meeting point in the center of the community.


In addition, we also created six more options for development potential on the property, in various configurations and uses. We have presented these in a diagrammatic format.  

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