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Earth Overshoot Day - Required Resourcefulness

Today, August 2nd marks Earth Overshoot Day for 2023, when humanity’s demand for ecological resources and services each year exceeds what Earth can regenerate. If the world's population lived like the United States, this date for 2023 would have been March 13th.

We must become more efficient throughout our lives. As designers of the built environment, which shapes many aspects of energy and material use, we strive to be resourceful as we create spaces, places, and policies that allow for more enjoyable and sustainable communities.

Each of the small collective actions as residents of our shared Earth and biosphere add up. However, to make the most impact, we must elect leaders that will act expeditiously and hold them accountable to make bold steps toward a more symbiotic coexistence with the planet we call home.

The Overview Effect is a term coined by Astronaut Frank White, as a shift in perspective that astronauts may have when they see the planet from space, as a place where borders are invisible, everything and everyone is inseparably interconnected.

The first all-civilian flight to space recently took off, with many more planned. Going to space may provide a full sense of awe and appreciation for our home planet. However, it is also available in many other places on the ground. This shift in mindset, as well as rapid interdisciplinary innovation across all industries, is essential.


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