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FVS Name & Logo - A philosophy for a healthier tomorrow

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

The Ethos of our Name and Logo

Future Vision Studio’s work spans across several aspects of the built environment. It is more than designing buildings and places, but about creating a framework that reflects a community’s values and priorities. The future holds the potential for new research, innovation, and solutions. When we identify where the change is occurring, we have the opportunity to shape the outcome. It is from this approach that our name evolved, Future Vision Studios, from a desire to give form to a world that is not yet known.

We formulate, apply, and share ideas that make the world a better place. We believe in collaboration and sharing so others may build upon our work and create new realities across various industries.

Nature has created countless solutions, and Biomimicry is the practice of learning from and mimicking nature-inspired strategies. We have an ethos that represents our respect for, a responsibility to, and gratitude for our fellow species and our home.

It is through these principles that we created the Future Vision Studios Logo, as the abstraction of a Taraxacum Erythrospermum, commonly known as the red-seeded dandelion. The seeds of plants allow the plant to reproduce and make more similar plants. Similarly, we wish to share our research and ideas to allow them to grow and evolve through collective learning.

Dandelions take flight on a breeze and are known to travel more than 62 miles, even journeying over water to take root in faraway lands.

The dandelion flower is composed of a hollow stalk called the pappus, with about 100 tiny florets that look like filament, each one with a seed. This seed is specially adapted to have tiny spaces between the bristles that allow just enough air to create a long, spinning bubble right above the pappus that is called a separated vortex ring. As air flows up through the pappus, it hits the outside of the separated vortex ring and starts to follow it along the outside in a vortex cyclone motion.

Fast-moving air has a lower pressure, so the separated vortex ring acts as a region of low pressure right above the pappus, helping keep it afloat. The seeds weigh a fraction of a milligram and consist of 92% open space, the perfect amount to allow the fragile separated vortex ring to occur.

We believe the simplest ideas, often found in nature, like the humble Dandelion, have the power to inspire and unlock entirely new worlds. We look to the coming decade with more collaboration, stronger partnerships, and more vibrant lives for the communities where we design.

Thank you for joining us on this journey.


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