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FVS Written Response to the USACE Miami-Dade Back Bay Coastal Storm Risk Management Report

Future Vision Studios believes comprehensive planning for South Florida is necessary. For nearly two years, the US Army Corps of Engineers has evaluated Coastal Storm Risk for Miami-Dade County and recently published the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) Miami-Dade Back Bay Coastal Storm Risk Management Draft Integrated Feasibility Report and Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement. While the study protects several locations in Miami Dade County, it excludes vast areas, leaving them vulnerable to the substantial risks posed by coastal storms, ocean currents, and other weather events. The Army Corps draft proposal mostly focuses on hardened infrastructure, like 10'+ sea walls, without addressing other risks like Sea Level Rise or consideration of other community goals. Future Vision Studios believes that a project of this caliber should protect as much of the community as is feasible. We believe that there is an alternative solution that combines the great ideas of many community leaders and proposes new concepts in a comprehensive plan that respects Miami's history, existing needs, and future priorities.

Future Vision Studios has participated in public comment periods throughout the Back Bay study process, as well as submitted written comments for the current draft proposal. We believe in transparency and public participation; we want all stakeholders to have an opportunity to review our recommendations and understand how a comprehensive plan can integrate multiple solutions and benefits with each project constructed. We encourage conversation and feedback to collectively strengthen our understanding of the community's needs, desires, and goals, to protect Miami's future.

We are providing the full unedited response below. Within the comments is the Project Diagram Map identifying the overall system of transit and green infrastructure improvements for the southern portion of the proposal. This concept map displays several unique ideas that can transform the Magic City into a resilient and sustainable metropolis.

The main aspects of the plan we are proposing include:

- The utilization of tidal locks and hybrid sea walls to protect more of the community that will also significantly boost the Return on Investment

- The inclusion of infrastructure that can protect from Storm Surge and Sea Level Rise

- The incorporation of existing projects and the communities' goals

- The harmonization of Green and Grey Infrastructure that prioritizes a healthy natural ecosystem and improves storm surge protection

- The integration of recreational paths and waterfront parks within a hybrid levee system for miles of continuous waterfront access

Sea Level Rise Climate Change Mitigation Adaptation Resiliency Mobility Design Transportation Green Infrastructure
Future Vision Studios Connect and Protect Miami Diagram Map - A Network of Transit and Green Infrastructure

In the coming weeks, Future Vision Studios will release detailed information on the background for each aspect of the system. The documentation will include the research utilized for the project, how the concept was developed, why the project improves equity, how the project improves resiliency, and how each project integrates within Miami's currently planned initiatives.

The first project was released last week entitled, 'Reimagine Biscayne Boulevard,' which addresses mobility, land-use, resilience, and sustainability issues on an iconic and essential transportation corridor, Biscayne Boulevard, from NE 13th Street to NE 36th Street.

For additional information on how we progressed to this point, view "An Architectural Design Approach to Climate Adaptation, Parts 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5, on the Future Vision Studios Blog.

Equity, connectivity, public space, protection from weather events, preserving clean air, and maintaining the high quality of life in South Florida are all goals that go hand in hand. The urgency for timely, ambitious, coordinated, and transformative action is imperative.

Thank you for reviewing our proposal. Let's get to work protecting Miami's Future.

Future Vision Studios Full Response below:

Thank you.


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