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Take Control of the Design & Development Process

The development process is a complex and dynamic exchange between numerous stakeholders. The entire process, which has so many milestones for ground-up construction, lasts many years. Each stakeholder is a partner in various capacities, all integral, all interconnected. Streamlining this process, and removing as many unknowns, while moving quickly, with data-driven and decisive action, is a crucial element of success.

At Future Vision Studios, we aim to effectively design projects from their conception that will have a high rate of achieving our client's goals. We saw too many instances of projects with half-baked floor plans, poorly designed garages that do not work, column layouts with budget eating transfer beams, or odd back of house arrangements that will devour the operating budget.

We decided to do things differently. We work directly with clients to understand their investment goals. Micro decisions early on, greatly affect the macro project. With this in mind, no detail is too small to consider in the early planning stages. Our clients present us with exact parameters, a range, or ask us to present our best judgment on the highest-and-best use of a property.

FVS quickly produces forward-thinking plans and present a range of options, with various development types, density capacities, by-right or waiver uses, and assemblage options.

Our straightforward method is proven to generate precise investment analysis, at a fraction of the time and cost that you've typically had to withstand. As a result, we have not only landowners and developers reaching out to us, but also the top Real Estate Associates, Brokers and Development Professionals eager to find the best properties, assist their partners and clients, and stand out from the crowd.

Our method is based on an architectural rigor, having hand-crafted the designs of hundreds of projects across numerous asset classes and typologies. We allow our clients to be in control of the design and development process, while we execute for them.

Give us a call today to grab the 'Development Remote' and collaborate with Future Vision Studios on your next project.


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