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Urbanism Summit 2019 | "Intraplanetary"

Updated: May 27, 2019

The third annual Urbanism Summit proved again to be an influential platform in bringing together the professionals, city governments, community stakeholders, and innovators tackling inefficiencies in urbanization to discuss the future of cities, their makers, and dwellers. The Cartesian layout within the Moore Building, featuring Zaha Hadid’s site-specific ‘Elastika’ installation provided a beautiful backdrop for the event.

Shown on stage from left; Moderator Chris Adamo, Panelists Gessica Tortolano, Samuel Baum, Rene Bello, and James Brazil
Panel on Futuristic - Smarter Cities

Each panel and keynote were less than thirty minutes, requiring speakers to be succinct and focused on the points that they felt mattered most for each topic — this unique format allowed for many interesting panels and points of view throughout the day. Topics included culture, art, housing, mobility, economics, resiliency, politics and much more, all of which revolved on this year’s theme “INTERPLANETARY,” people-centric collaborative urbanism. Multiple breaks punctuated the event where the atmosphere remained energetic.

The short panels created just as many questions as answers, which is a key theme of the Urbanism Summit. It is through an environment of discourse and collaboration, where creation and innovation can lead to action based discussions.

We have the power and responsibility to shape our cities, which begins with asking tough questions and making choices together.


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