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Project Eleven Ten Riverfront Residences

Type Luxury Condo

Program 21 Unique units, including two Townhomes, 12 single-level one and two-bedrooms, and seven tri-level penthouse units  
Location 1100 NW N River Drive, Spring Garden

Status Schematic Design 


The Riverfront Residences are in the beautiful Spring Garden neighborhood, which was settled in the 1840s. The community is bound by the Dolphin Expressway (SR 836) to the north, the Seybold Canal (formerly Wagner Creek and Northwest Eighth Street Road to the east, by the Miami River to the southwest, and West 12th Avenue (SR 933) to the west.

The interior of Spring Garden is primarily single-family residences. The properties along the border are zoned to allow multi-story buildings, of which there are already many. Creating transitionary zoning that allows for a higher intensity use or height along significant corridors and waterways is a common Urban Planning Principle. Miami 21 acknowledged both site conditions with the corresponding zoning. Taller buildings act as a buffer from vehicular and marine traffic noise.

Spring Garden has significant foliage, naturally reducing the heat island effect for the area. The canopies are so dense when at ground level in the public right-of-way or private yards that you often cannot view more than a couple of properties away due to the sight lines being full of natural vegetation.

The development of the property as a T5 would facilitate many benefits. Additional view corridors will be opened from the 49’ of cumulative side setbacks. T4 allows for 0’ side setbacks. Urbanistically, as a T5, five-story development, the property will be more congruent with the other properties bordering Spring Garden and the rest of the Miami River.

A Riverwalk would be created on the site, connecting 1160 NW N River Drive and Greenfield Garden Park and creating further synergy between the two banks of the river. This creates many opportunities for the neighbors to move to and from the beautiful banks of the Miami River.

The building is a 3-dimensional urban framework of varying unit typologies, providing a mix of options to house a diverse group of people. This will allow the residents to become a diverse community and integrate within the Spring Garden neighborhood rather than an isolated island of repeating unit types. There are ground-level two-story townhomes, one and two-bedroom single-floor units, and two-level lofts with large roof terraces.

A crab fisherman builds, mends, and launches his crab pots from his dock only a few properties west of the subject property. The massing of the project is inspired by the stacked formations of his crab pots. As if the daily tides have weathered them, we have rounded the forms to create a softer aesthetic.

Along with drawing inspiration from the River and Maritime industry, we look to acknowledge the diverse ecology and dense tree canopy of Spring Garden. In addition to the lush native landscaping surrounding the building, there are elevated gardens on many levels of the facade, especially the roof terrace.

Oolite columns, benches, walls, and berms are prominent features throughout Spring Garden. Many homes incorporate Oolite walls for both design aesthetics and to protect from storm surges. As Climate Change continues to threaten our community, the project will build an elevated sea wall and tiered layers of protection, doing its part to bolster the coastal resilience of the neighborhood. We propose to incorporate local Oolite stone within the project design.

Rendering visualizations created by Azeez Bakare Studios

2021-47-Spaceship on First-Scene 03-OT.jpg

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